इंडोनेशिया माउंट मेरापी विस्फोट: 8 बचावकर्मी मारे गए!

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8 Rescue workers killed on Mount Merapi

The bodies of four members of the Disaster Response Team were recovered from the slopes of Mount Merapi on Monday before rescue officials had to retreat as the volcano again roared into life.
Six bodies were recovered from the village of Glagaharjo in Sleman, Yogyakarta. The bodies of another two members of the response team, known as Tagana, believed to have been killed when Merapi exploded last Thursday, are yet to be found or recovered.
Some crazy people are still attempting to take advantage of the situation.
On Sunday, police arrested a man for attempting to steal livestock abandoned by those fleeing the eruptions.
The man was arrested attempting to steal 21 goats and five cows, but two accomplices managed to escape.
जकार्ता क्लो लेख के कुछ अंश। कृपया अब अधिक मूल लेख पढ़ें

People flee Yogjakarta as the eruption of Mount Merapi continues

Frightened residents in a bustling city of 400,000 at the foot of Indonesia™s rumbling volcano headed out of town Monday, cramming onto trains and buses and even rented vehicles to seek refuge with family and friends far away.
œMy parents have been calling ... saying ˜You have to get out of there! You have to come home!™ said Linda Ervana, a 21-year-old history student who was waiting with friends at a train station in the university town of Yogyakarta, 30 kilometers from Mount Merapi.
After failing to get tickets, they finally decided to rent a minibus with other classmates.
The notoriously unpredictable mountain unleashed its most powerful eruption in a century Friday, sending hot clouds of gas, rocks and debris avalanching down its slopes at highway speeds, smothering entire villages and leaving a trail of charred corpses in its path.
जकार्ता क्लो लेख के कुछ अंश। कृपया अब अधिक मूल लेख पढ़ें

Search for bodies stopped due to too high temperatures

Indonesian rescue workers were forced to abandon efforts to retrieve bodies of victims from the Nov. 5 eruption of Mount Merapi in central Java, as increasing ground temperature and volcanic instability made it unsafe to continue.
Rescuers had been using wooden boards to walk on in areas where the soil reached temperatures higher than 70 degrees Celsius, Oka Hamid, a spokesman at Red Cross Indonesia™s Yogyakarta branch, said today.
œWe found five bodies at Glagaharjo village, but only one was removed, Hamid said by phone. œWe are coming down now because the ground there is too hot and Merapi is unstable.
Non-flammable boots and special gloves are needed to protect rescuers from hot burning soil, Hamid said.
जकार्ता क्लो लेख के कुछ अंश। कृपया अब अधिक मूल लेख पढ़ें

नवीनतम death toll climbs to 141 with still bodies to recover


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