Lorca और मर्सिया, स्पेन के पास शक्तिशाली भूकंप

Recap of May 11, the day of the Lorca earthquake. Earthquake-Report.com was alerted by a weak but shallow earthquake shortly after 5 PM. Every day tens of earthquakes of this magnitude are occurring all over the world, so nothing special here. Shortly after the first shaking we mentioned already the possibility of cracks in walls. While checking local reports we detected some light damage in the Lorca area and we also got a notice that an elderly institute had to be evacuated. 2 hours later a much stronger and also shallow 5.2 mainshock occurred. It was immediately clear to us that this last quake increased the potential for damage and injuries a lot. Soon thereafter the first reports on damage to private houses, municipality buildings and historic places were published. Authorities did all what they could to help the unfortunate Lorca people. Stay tuned to Earthquake-Report.com as we will also give other news-facts the coming hours.

$$$ - हमने अभी प्रकाशित किया है new article summarizing the different comments and felt reports we received since the first earthquake. We truly want to thank our readers for their commenting. Click here to read the page with Felt Reports.
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$$$ - "Earthquake preparedness attitude might have saved some lives"

Situation UPDATE : 8 9 मौत (including 2 pregnant woman and 1 14 year old child); 3 गंभीर रूप से घायल, 324 treated for minor injuries. Several buildings fully or partially collapsed, lots of damage in the city, especially historic buildings.

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15 / 05 - 13 अपडेट करें: 42 यूटीसी: लगभग 1,250 houseless (yellow and red circles) people are Ecuadorians, often housed in old vulnerable houses

अद्यतन 13: 21 यूटीसी: A video shows the dangerous work of Search and Rescue teams (SAR). In this case a traumatized man is being freed out of the rubble.

अद्यतन 13: 11 यूटीसी: After every earthquake, the press is a little overacting about aftershocks. Lorca experienced 2 machine recorded aftershocks एक साथ 1.6 परिमाण , almost to weak to even feel it. So people, no problem at all with these weak, almost not noticeable aftershocks. In a already damaged environment magnitudes of +3.5 may have a small risk to further collapse the most unstable debris.

अद्यतन 08: 11 यूटीसी: Deputy Prime Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba , has said that the government will have to review all building regulations के रूप में अच्छी तरह के रूप में मौजूदा सुरक्षा प्रोटोकॉल .

अद्यतन 08: 07 यूटीसी: Structural engineers have marked a red circle on 161 houses and buildings (NO trespassing).
Yellow markings have been painted on 549 buildings (approx. 5,490 घरों or 40% of total) (Yellow marking mean that people can pick up their belongings safely, but cannot return home yet).

14 / 05 - 08 अपडेट करें: 00 यूटीसी : से अधिक 1,600 homes suffered severe structural damage.
10,000 families are still unable to sleep in their own houses, although in most cases their homes will be habitable soon

अद्यतन 20: 39 यूटीसी: Itu Spanish government has approved a rental support measure that will pay 6.700 € / year to the Lorquinos (people from Lorca) who lost their houses. The rental support will be paid while new houses or apartments are being reconstructed.

अद्यतन 20: 37 यूटीसी: Hundreds of people and companies offer to help earthquake victims

अद्यतन 20: 31 यूटीसी: के बीच में further measures approved today हैं: aid to individuals in cases of death or total and permanent disability, to individuals for rental housing, for housing reconstruction, local entities, tax measures, damage to crops and livestock, a special tax relief for agricultural activities, measures and social security work, more flexible procurement regime, etc.

अद्यतन 20: 23 यूटीसी: Itu Spanish government has promised today that all necessary means will be deployed to reconstruct Lorca. A "urgent" relief budget has been approved today. It will be used to pay for urgent house repairs.

अद्यतन 13: 55 यूटीसी: से अधिक 3,000 people have attended the state funeral. Only 4 coffins could be seen at the ceremony (see picture above). The family of the 5 remaining victims have decided to restrict the ceremony for intimate friends and family members.

अद्यतन 13: 46 यूटीसी: Sources close to the city administration told the press that 35,000 to 40,000 people will be affected by the damage of the earthquake. Some of them will be obliged to spend a few months away from their own house.

अद्यतन 09: 53 यूटीसी: At the moment of writing, the funeral of the some of the earthquake victims is going on in Lorca. The Prince and Princes of Asturias, Filipe and Litizia and President Zapatero are attending the funeral.

अद्यतन 08: 15 यूटीसी: Many homes in Lorca were built in the 1960s before laws existed to construct earthquake resistant buildings.

13 / 05 - 08 अपडेट करें: 00 यूटीसी: 6,000 people have also spend the a second night in the streets of Lorca. Most of the people sleeping o, the streets are immigrants from Ecuador and from Northern Africa.
Local people who cannot return to their houses due to Yellow or Red circles did spend the night with other family members in the area.

अद्यतन 20: 57 यूटीसी: We do not know where the green, yellow and red circle or sticker signs were invented, but as far as we know the system was first used with a very good result during the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier this year.

अद्यतन 20: 46 यूटीसी: The latest (and probably final) casualty figures are as follows : 9 लोग मारे गए, 3 गंभीर रूप से घायल तथा 324 साथ में minor injuries

अद्यतन 20: 39 यूटीसी: The Minister of Public Works and Planning, José Ballesta, has reported that 52 'इमारतों भूकंप से प्रभावित हैं. This is about 40 percent of the buildings in Lorca। यदि आज दोपहर प्रकाशित एक पूर्व रिपोर्ट की तुलना में ये संख्याएं अलग हैं, तो उन्होंने कहा कि 90% प्रभावित नहीं हुआ था ....
From these 542 affected buildings, 92 buildings or 17% from those inspected received a RED circle. A red circle means access is dangerous and refused. 44% had a green circle marking (safe to enter) and the remaining 39% received a yellow circle, allowing only access to collect furniture and other belongings.

अद्यतन 17: 31 यूटीसी: Spanish Interior Minister Rubalcaba and the Minister of Defence Carme Chacon have announced that 3500 beds have been made available for victims of the earthquake.

अद्यतन 17: 14 यूटीसी: Itu funeral of some of the people caught in the earthquake will take place tomorrow at 11:00 local time. The ceremony will be witnessed by many high ranked people in the country, such as Mr. जापाटेरो, Jose Blanco and the Prince and Princes from Asturias, Filipe and Letizia.

अद्यतन 17: 09 यूटीसी: The Spanish government will assemble tomorrow morning and will approve a first aid packet for Lorca. After the meeting, prime minister जापाटेरो will head to Murcia for other meetings.

अद्यतन 16: 38 यूटीसी: की एक टीम "Instituto Andaluz डी Geofísican के विशेषज्ञों" has raised चिंता कि building construction in come parts of Lorca was NOT resonance resistant. $ $ $

अद्यतन 16: 36 यूटीसी: A school building in Totana, a neighboring village, was sealed for damage repair until next Monday.

अद्यतन 16: 32 यूटीसी: A consortium of insurance companies estimates that the insured cost of the Lorca earthquake would be at least मिलियन यूरो 36.

महत्वपूर्ण अद्यतन 14: 16 यूटीसी: की एक टीम 150 technicians have performed inspection tasks for hours in Lorca and have been responsible for cataloging the colored houses, इसलिए है कि हरा indicates no danger and house is inhabitable, पीला indicates structural damage but can be accessed with caution to collect belongings, while लाल has access prohibited.
The aim, according to the mayor, have a rapid damage assessment to send to senior vice president and interior minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who has asked to start work on a bill to aid victims.
About 90% of the buildings have no structural damage.

अद्यतन 12: 23 यूटीसी: We are sad to tell our readers that one of the seriously injured people died this morning. This brings the death toll to 9. 2 other people were reported as seriously injured.

अद्यतन 11: 47 यूटीसी: Lorca is getting loads of sympathy from individual people and from other Spanish towns and villages, not only willing to support with words but also donating money to the town of Lorca.

अद्यतन 11: 36 यूटीसी: The earthquake caused the partial or total collapse of several buildings. Many others have major damage, such as cracks in the walls, roof and cornices damage, or broken frames from windows and doors.

अद्यतन 11: 34 यूटीसी: There are 72 technicians, architects and engineers inspecting the buildings of Lorca. व्यवस्थाएं "आरामदायक और उपयुक्त" होने के लिए तैयार हैं site ready for the night.

अद्यतन 10: 36 यूटीसी: 420 military personnel is helping the local emergency services with Search and Rescue and any other help needed.

अद्यतन 10: 35 यूटीसी: लगभग 20,000 घरों, mostly within the city limits, have suffered some kind of damage from yesterdays earthquake.

अद्यतन 09: 54 यूटीसी: Itu mayor of Lorca, Mr. Jodar, does not want to see people sleeping in the streets again like it was the case last night. He is offering a stay in hotels, lodges and in tents. The message goes mainly for more than 12,000 people (children and adults), almost all immigrants, who slept last night on the asphalt in the streets and in open air.

अद्यतन 09: 49 यूटीसी: Health Emergency Services of all neighboring communities have volunteered to assist, but there has been no necessity so far.

अद्यतन 09: 47 यूटीसी: In total, 270 patients have been transferred from the Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca, and about 200 more from the hospital Virgen del Alcázar.

अद्यतन 09: 40 यूटीसी: Itu three most seriously injured, including a child, have been taken to hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca.

अद्यतन 09: 35 यूटीसी: 30 minutes ago authorities have reported that 260 people were treated for various wounds by the Murcia Health Service.

अद्यतन 09: 27 यूटीसी: The following video link gives an idea of a lucky escape in Lorca. Somebody has been found in the rubble and is being rescued. Only for people with a strong heart ! वीडियो देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

अद्यतन 09: 11 यूटीसी: हमारे पास है localized a good video from EuroNews featuring the best footage we have seen so far.

अद्यतन 08: 12 यूटीसी: Itu मरने वालों की संख्या 8 पर रहता है, but the number treated in hospitals for various injuries stands at 167. See below for a full description.

अद्यतन 07: 46 यूटीसी: Until 3:50 AM (local time) 36 aftershocks shook the Lorca area . Only 12 of them would have been felt. 24 were under a 2 magnitude. At 22:37 local time, the strongest aftershock measuring 3.9 occurred.

अद्यतन 06: 50 यूटीसी: वहाँ थे shaking deaths in the Spain 1956 earthquake which were classed as direct. In 1940, 1918, 1909 were also labeled as deadly earthquakes.

महत्वपूर्ण अद्यतन 06: 41 यूटीसी:
8 people are confirmed dead, 2 of them being minors.
2 of the dead are from the La Vina suburb, 2 from San Cristobal and 2 from San Pedro, with 2 unknown.
At least 167 people have been injured, with 2 seriously injured.
Three people died in the heart of the city after being hit by a ledge of a building that detached.
One of the dead is a teenager whose parents ran a bar in one of the affected buildings, and took to the streets frightened by the second quake.
Another woman died after a new three-storey building collapsed in the street Infante Juan Manuel of the municipality.
Fortunately, her son was rescued alive from the rubble.
Among the dead there is also a pregnant woman (although the councilman in charge has no evidence for this).

अद्यतन 06: 30 यूटीसी: An earthquake near Almeria on May 11, 1978 had a magnitude of 5.6 and exposed 185,000 people to a very strong shaking.

अद्यतन 06: 22 यूटीसी: Thousands of Lorca citizens spend the night outside overwhelmed by the earthquake and the aftershocks.

अद्यतन 06: 18 यूटीसी: Itu most recent 5+ earthquake in the area एक था 5.2 की भयावहता and occurred on February 2, 1999 close to Murcia. There were NO fatalities during this earthquake.

अद्यतन 06: 10 यूटीसी: हमने कुछ वीडियो पर जो देखा है उसके आधार पर, लोर्का में लोगों के "भूकंप की तैयारी" रवैया "न्यूनतम" था. Is "earthquake preparedness" a mandatory course in Spanish schools. Some of our readers might have the answer. Feel welcome to let us know your ideas on this topic.

अद्यतन 06: 07 यूटीसी: Andalucia can be called a Tectonic Active area, mostly small earthquakes without any harm, but nevertheless very active.

अद्यतन 06: 05 यूटीसी: Based on theoretical values from USGS, 26,000 people experienced a very strong shaking (MMI VII) and एक मजबूत मिलाते 34,000 के.

अद्यतन 05: 33 यूटीसी: Based on the EMSC data (well informed in Europe), the epicenter of the earthquake was located ONLY 4 km to the SouthEast of Lorca. Click here to see the location on a map.

अद्यतन 05: 22 यूटीसी: Itu specialized earthquake dogs brigade from the police did not had to intervene

अद्यतन 05: 15 यूटीसी: The last serious earthquake in Spain dates from 2005 and had a magnitude of 4.6.

अद्यतन 05: 10 यूटीसी: The president of the Association of Geologists of Spain, Luis Suarez, said that the energy released by an earthquake in Lorca equivalent to more than 200 tons of TNT.

अद्यतन 05: 02 यूटीसी: 20,000 to 30,000 people do not want to return to their houses, the mayor or Lorca said.

अद्यतन 00: 05 यूटीसी: After approx. 10 hours of continuous reporting, we will take a break and will return with new reports during the morning hours (local time).

अद्यतन 00: 02 यूटीसी: The authorities and relief workers did prepare food bags for more than 10,000 evacuees, who are reluctant to return to their houses.

अद्यतन 23: 55 यूटीसी: के रूप में की उम्मीद है a lot of aftershocks are rattling the area. The strongest so far was a 4.1 aftershock at 22:37 local time.

अद्यतन 23: 27 यूटीसी: A government spokesman has reported that officially 8 people have been killed by this moderate but cruel earthquake. 2 people have been reported seriously injured.

अद्यतन 23: 25 यूटीसी: A number of buildings in the Lorca City Center have collapsed completely.

अद्यतन 23: 13 यूटीसी: People are asking the most silly questions on damage in other Cities. Please do not panic; ONLY Lorca and the immediate area around the city have been damaged and are at risk for some aftershocks. Their is NO damage NOR disruption in other parts of the country.

अद्यतन 22: 39 यूटीसी: Cartagena Red Cross has send an surgery and emergency group to Lorca to assist with the relief operations. The first team consists of a nurse and 13 emergency technicians.

अद्यतन 22: 14 यूटीसी: A lot of British people are living in the greater Murcia area and friends and family members were very scared when they got the news of the earthquake. So fare we have NO report that a NON-Spanish citizen would have been killed by the earthquake.

अद्यतन 21: 40 यूटीसी: Chaotic video from TVE (Spanish National Broadcasting System) captured soon after the earthquake struck.

अद्यतन 21: 35 यूटीसी: के बीच में the killed people are unfortunately 2 children and a pregnant woman.

अद्यतन 21: 32 यूटीसी: The Ministry of Industry has reported that electricity and telecommunications infrastructure in Spain have functioned normally despite the severity of earthquakes recorded in Lorca (Murcia).

अद्यतन 21: 25 यूटीसी: The Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Zapatero has ordered the mobilization of the Unidad Militar de Emergencias

अद्यतन 21: 18 यूटीसी: RENFE has suspended hisd service in between Lorca and Murcia. 6 trains were caught in the earthquake and passengers have unloaded the trains and were evacuated by road.

अद्यतन 20: 49 यूटीसी: Good news (comparatively) with the government delegate in Murcia, saying that only 8 have died at present with 2 very seriously injured. Our thoughts go to all families affected by this disaster and especially to the 2 people fighting for their lives.

RTVE view of Lorca damage.

अद्यतन 20: 45 यूटीसी: The mayor of Lorca has asked for support in the form of food, water and shelter supplies (mattresses and blankets).

अद्यतन 20: 42 यूटीसी: यह वह जगह है the most deadly Spanish earthquake since that of Granada on the 19th April 1956 with 12-16 dead, 40-70 injured, according to CATDAT.
इस अवसर पर, 10 have been killed and around 40 injured, from present information.

अद्यतन 20: 34 यूटीसी: The buildings destroyed are situated one on Galicia street (calle Galicia) and another in the neighborhood of La Viña, contrary to the first reports giving a different street name. 3 people will killed in these residences.

अद्यतन 20: 33 यूटीसी: The Ministry of Justice and Public Safety has activated the level 2 of Civil Protection Special Plan to the seismic risk in the Region of Murcia (Sismimur). It has moved up from Level 1.

अद्यतन 20: 32 यूटीसी: For its part, the National Police has mobilized a total of 183 staff employed in the identification and rescue tasks and the Civil Guard has mobilized a total of 210 agents.

अद्यतन 20: 31 यूटीसी: The Military Emergency Unit ( UME ) has increased the support to 350 troops deployed in the area with tactical search and rescue capability after the earthquakes recorded in Lorca, as reported by a spokesman for the unit.

अद्यतन 20: 30 यूटीसी: The two earthquakes this afternoon in Lorca have caused damage to roads in the area, according to the Directorate General of Traffic, which reports on several cuts along roadways and in the A-7 near Almería. This highway is cut between km 593 and 595, and also the earthquakes disrupted traffic in the RM-701 in both directions around Lorca. Transit authorities ask motorists to avoid travel to these areas.

अद्यतन 20: 27 यूटीसी: The death toll remains at 10. Look below for further details of damage.

अद्यतन 20: 22 यूटीसी: At least a dozen aftershocks have occurred. None of these have caused any additional damage after the M5.2 at present.

अद्यतन 20: 07 यूटीसी: Horrifying scenes with the city streets strewn with debris. Mostly bricks. A number of deaths have resulted from falling cornices and tiles. This is a reminder for people to stay put if there is an earthquake and you are indoors, moving away only from falling objects. If outside, then move away from facades and other potential dangers.

अद्यतन 20: 05 यूटीसी: The President of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, who is in Brussels at a regional Committee meeting, has suspended his agenda for tomorrow and at this time is returning to Lorca.

अद्यतन 20: 00 यूटीसी: Albacete and Vélez-Rubio (Almería) has reported that there has been damage to the roof of the sports pavilion. 10 killed and 40 injured remains the totals. As news comes to hand we will report it!

अद्यतन 19: 45 यूटीसी: Earthquake-report.com Summary:
कम से कम 10 deaths, 40 injured, around 10000 expected to be displaced at present. Collapsed buildings in Galicia street and in the neighbourhood of La Vina. All public buildings are damaged. The belfry of the church of Santiago has fallen, along with many cornices and tiles around the city.
A hospital has been evacuated. The M5.2 shallow earthquake struck the region around the town of Lorca after a M4.4 before it.
CATDAT expects damage to exceed €25 million at present, waiting on more reports. (greater than the 1999 and 2005 earthquakes in the same region)
An emergency has been declared in Lorca and the region of Murcia.
Damage has also been recorded in Murcia Totana, but also in Albacete and Vélez-Rubio.

अद्यतन 19: 42 यूटीसी: An experience from a nurse in Lorca, "अस्पताल की छत गिरा दी गई। 2nd भूकंप में, अस्पताल राफेल मेंडेज़ में दरारें हुईं और कुछ रोगी सड़कों पर घबराए गए हैं। लोग उलझन में हैं और वे गलियारे में कहते हैं कि कुछ जमीन पर गिर गए हैं और कई टाईल्स गिर गईं और तोड़ दिया ... बहुत डर गया, बहुत डर गया। कई चीजें जमीन पर गिर गई हैं। हर जगह सायरन का पुआ शोर। "

अद्यतन 19: 38 यूटीसी: साथ में 10 people killed, 60 injured and many displaced.
The government in Murcia is preparing bags of food for some 10,000 residents of Lorca जो 5.2 के भूकंप के बाद मर्सिया के क्षेत्र को हिलाकर रख दिया गया है, जो विस्थापित हो गए हैं या अपने घरों से भाग गए हैं। सरकारी कार्यालय ईएफ के एक प्रवक्ता ने बताया कि लोर्का के पड़ोसियों ने सड़कों पर ले जाया है, और एक नए आफ्टरशेक के डर में पार्क और बगीचों में कुछ घंटों के बाद से हैं।

According to preliminary damages balance sheets, सभी शहर की सार्वजनिक इमारतों को क्षतिग्रस्त कर दिया गया है, so that those responsible for safety and emergency devices are now considering where to place evacuees.

A sports hall wall has fallen down and damage to the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria do not allow conversion to temporary shelters, as is the case with other public buildings, according to sources.

अद्यतन 19: 34 यूटीसी: Telephone coverage is sporadic in the region, mainly due to the number of calls going into the region to check that people are ok.

अद्यतन 19: 33 यूटीसी: 10 people are killed and around 60 people are injured, with more reports expected to come in. These are nearly all as a result of the 5.2 earthquake which struck around 2 hrs after the initial 4.4 earhtquake.

अद्यतन 19: 30 यूटीसी: 3 of the 10 killed are confirmed to be from the 2 collapsed buildings mentioned earlier.
इस समय, लोग शहर के पार्क में aftershocks के डर और उनके घरों के नुकसान के माध्यम से हैं। कुछ लोगों ने इमारतों के नीचे रहने से बचने के लिए शहर के बाहरी इलाके में जाना चुना है। प्रत्यक्षदर्शी के अनुसार, "शहर की सड़कों को छोड़ दिया गया है और कई खाली कारें हैं, उनमें से कई मलबे के नीचे दफन हुई हैं।"

अद्यतन 19: 30 यूटीसी: 150 troops are on their way to the Murcia region to help out with relief. So far, we have a few reports from Totana of damage, but are still looking for damage reports from towns outside of Lorca.

अद्यतन 19: 25 यूटीसी: The care of injured patients and is guaranteed by other hospitals in nine health areas that make up the Health Map of the Region, sources say. This is good since the hospital in Lorca is out of action following the evacuation. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the 10 dead and the numerous injured.

अद्यतन 19: 23 यूटीसी: Repeating that the death toll has been raised to 10. There are numerous injuries, and many people have been evacuated. We are nearing nightfall and are hoping for the trapped to be recovered before nightfall.

अद्यतन 19: 21 यूटीसी: Earthquake-report.com also thanks the following people for their testimonies:-
स्टुअर्ट ग्लेडवेल - एक्सएनएनएक्स: एक्सएमएनएक्स बजे
हम Mazarron में 2 भूकंप महसूस किया है. दूसरा एक दूर मजबूत था और पहले की तुलना में अब तक चली. कमरे बारे में 5 सेकंड के लिए हिलाकर रख दिया और वहाँ एक rumbling शोर था. हमारी सहानुभूति है जो इस का खामियाजा का जन्म है Lorca के लोगों के साथ कर रहे हैं.

लिज़ी मैकेउन - एक्सएनएनएक्स: एक्सएनएनएक्स एम
हम Torrevieja में भूकंप महसूस किया.

क्रिस नाइट - 10: 42 am
felt 2 earth tremors here in pto de mazarron. centre of earth tremor was lorca. 1st was 4.2 and 2nd was 5.2. some builing damage reported in lorca and city hall area closed off. waiting for more info

अद्यतन 19: 15 यूटीसी: कम से कम 10 people have been reported killed. This is in addition to the numerous injured.

अद्यतन 19: 05 यूटीसी: From Tracy:
I am speechless! I am living overseas but I’m from Lorca, just contacted my parents and my family is ok, but my house is completely tattered! Just look at the cracks on my bedroom wall!

Wall cracks in Lorca, courtesy Tracy.

अद्यतन 19: 00 यूटीसी: भूकंप report.com Summary:- 7 deaths have been confirmed. A number of people have been seriously injured. 2 houses confirmed to have been partly destroyed (1 in Galicia street, 1 in La Vina neighbourhood). Half of the belfry of the church of Santiago have been destroyed. A hospital has been evacuated. The M5.2 shallow earthquake struck the region around the town of Lorca after a M4.4 before it.
CATDAT expects damage to exceed €25 million at present, waiting on more reports. (greater than the 1999 and 2005 earthquakes in the same region)
An emergency has been declared in Lorca and the region of Murcia.
Damage has also been recorded in Murcia Totana, but also in Albacete and Vélez-Rubio.

अद्यतन 18: 55 यूटीसी:
From Richard in the town of Vera, around 60km from Lorca.
"बस बुरी खबरों के बारे में सुना - मैं XeraXkm के बारे में वेरा के पास हूं ... सुना और गड़गड़ाहट महसूस हुई और फिर अलमारी में चश्मे हिलाए ... बाद में यह महसूस नहीं हुआ कि यह हानिकारक था। विचार लोर्का के लोगों के साथ हैं।"

अद्यतन 18: 52 यूटीसी: Pictures show much debris scattering the streets of Lorca, where seven people are confirmed dead.

अद्यतन 18: 51 यूटीसी: The Government has confirmed that, for the moment, there are seven deaths from the earthquake in Lorca and the earthquake has caused damage mainly in this town and in nearby Murcia Totana, but also in Albacete and Vélez-Rubio.
Damage via CATDAT is expected to exceed €25 million at present, waiting on more reports.

अद्यतन 18: 49 यूटीसी: For the reasons of damage and also panic, the City of Lorca has enabled the municipal emergency plan while the Government of Murcia has implemented the Level 1 Emergency Plan of the seismic risk of the Autonomous Community of Murcia (Sismimur), and the Minister of Justice, Manuel Campos, has travelled to Murcia.

अद्यतन 18: 46 यूटीसी: Itu मरने वालों की संख्या 7 पर रहता है. Authorities have warned of the fall of the convent tower Virgen de las Huertas. Also, members of the City of Lorca have been forced to evacuate a home for the elderly and earthquake-report.com knows that the earthquake has caused damage to private homes and buildings in the village, and also historical heritage sites as the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Huerta, in addition other temples, from local sources. Most of notices received by the emergency telephone number came from the town of Lorca, rather than their districts, though the calls are spread across the towns of Aguilas and Cartagena, indicating possible damage across these 2 towns as well. It is our hope that damage is localised.

अद्यतन 18: 42 यूटीसी: Unfortunately, earthquake-report.com reports that a child is among the 7 people killed as a result of this earthquake. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this disaster.

अद्यतन 18: 40 यूटीसी: The January 29, 2005 earthquake in the same region cost €12.2 million (Euros), and CATDAT and earthquake-report.com, expect that this M5.2 earthquake today will exceed this value. In the 2005 earthquake, around 900 houses were damaged.

अद्यतन 18: 38 यूटीसी: 7 killed, numerous injured, 2 houses destroyed, many houses and buildings damaged. 1 hospital evacuated.
लोर्का की स्थिति "अराजकता और व्यापक आपदा" में से एक है और प्रतिक्रिया का समर्थन करते हुए राष्ट्रीय पुलिस स्टेशन मर्सिया और कार्टाजेना और अन्य आस-पास के प्रांतों के एजेंट रोकथाम और प्रतिक्रिया इकाई हैं।

They have also been mobilized the police unit and service of the National Police Canines also travel to the military zone Military Emergency Unit (UME) based in Valencia and Madrid in order to search for victims. According to sources, the Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, is scheduled to fly tomorrow morning to Lorca, where it is headed at this time by the Minister for Innovation, Cristina Garmendia .

अद्यतन 18: 34 यूटीसी: अस्पताल राफेल मेन्डेज़ डी लोर्का को बेदखल करने का कारण भूस्खलन के खतरे के लिए है, जैसा कि स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय के सूत्रों ने बताया है। स्थानीय समय 19.30 घंटों के आसपास बेदखल हो गया और रोगियों को अन्य अस्पतालों में स्थानांतरित किया जा रहा है, सूत्रों ने समझाया, जिन्होंने संकेत दिया है कि, हालांकि नुकसान "बहुत बड़ा" नहीं हुआ है, इसलिए "रोगियों की घबराहट और" आगे aftershocks की संभावना। " 5 aftershocks कई और उम्मीदों के साथ महसूस किया गया है।

अद्यतन 18: 30 यूटीसी: स्थानीय अधिकारियों के मुताबिक, कई घायल हो गए हैं और सुरक्षा टीमों के सदस्य पीड़ितों की तलाश में लोर्का "घर से घर" ट्रैक करते हैं। 5 को मृत की पुष्टि कर दी गई है, 2 अतिरिक्त लोगों को जल्द ही पुष्टि होने की उम्मीद है। उस समय सड़क पर कई लोगों को प्रभावित करने वाले मलबे, कॉर्निस, टाइल्स गिरने से कई घायल लोग उम्मीद कर रहे हैं।

अद्यतन 18: 27 यूटीसी: The earthquake was also felt in Madrid. No damage was reported there, and it is localised to the Murcia region. The M5.2 was shallow and only 6km away from Lorca, thus the amount of damage that occurred was expected, with most buildings being out of masonry.

अद्यतन 18: 25 यूटीसी: The hospital Rafael Méndez has been evacuated as a result of this earthquake. This is not good with a number expected to be injured. Serviceability is an important measure for hospitals in earthquakes.

अद्यतन 18: 21 यूटीसी: Given the relative abnormality of such large earthquakes in this area and the fact that 2 descended upon Lorca in short time, there is a feeling of chaos in Lorca, with much damage reported. 7 continues to be the total killed. These deaths all occurred from the 2nd earthquake (the larger of the two, at M5.2).

अद्यतन 18: 15 यूटीसी: 7 deaths have been confirmed. A number of people have been seriously injured. 2 houses confirmed to have been partly destroyed (1 in Galicia street, 1 in La Vina neighbourhood). Half of the belfry of the church of Santiago have been destroyed. CATDAT sees this earthquake being much more damaging than the 1999 and 2005 earthquakes in the same region.

अद्यतन 18: 12 यूटीसी: The number of deaths shows the need for further work on earthquake risk and safety in moderate and low seismicity countries such as Spain. Remember that risk is the combination of hazard and vulnerability!

अद्यतन 18: 10 यूटीसी: Not confirmed as yet, but the 2 collapsed buildings are likely to have caused some of these 7 deaths.

अद्यतन 18: 09 यूटीसी: कम से कम 7 लोग मारे गए हैं. At least seven deaths in the population of Murcia Lorca is the provisional balance left by the two almost consecutive earthquakes shaking this afternoon the Murcia region, as confirmed by the delegation of the Government.

अद्यतन 18: 05 यूटीसी: Sound of ambulances, fire trucks and police sirens across the main streets of Lorca can be heard where people look for damage of their cornices and balconies and where some buildings, such as the cultural center have been roped off. Some reports are only showing 3 deaths and 2 seriously injured currently. Just reminding viewers that 5 deaths has been quoted by the mayor of Lorca.

अद्यतन 18: 02 यूटीसी: Just repeating, at least 5 people have died from the 4.4 and 5.2 earthquakes today in the Murcia region of Spain. One woman died while walking past a ledge, which subsequently fell on her. We are waiting for reports on the other 4 deaths.

अद्यतन 17: 58 यूटीसी: The Santiago church has been cordoned off. At least 2 buildings have partly collapsed in Lorca. The buildings are situated in the following areas:- one on the Galicia street and another in the neighborhood of La Viña, according to eyewitnesses.

अद्यतन 17: 56 यूटीसी: पढ़ने के लिए, लिफ्टों का उपयोग न करें, क्योंकि समस्याएं हो सकती हैं। नुकसान की प्रकृति को देखते हुए, कॉर्निस और छतों से भी स्पष्ट रहें। लोर्का के महापौर ने यह कहना जारी रखा है at least 5 people are dead.

अद्यतन 17: 54 यूटीसी: The earthquake has been felt in much of the Region of Murcia. Specifically, in Cartagena, Aguilas, Murcia, Mazarrón and even in Albacete and Almería.

अद्यतन 17: 50 यूटीसी: The tower of the church of Santiago was split in half according to eyewitnesses.

अद्यतन 17: 46 यूटीसी: Although the 2005 earthquake around the same area caused 900 damaged houses, there were no deaths at that time. Unfortunately this time, the 2 heavily damaged buildings, and the falling cornices and roof tiles of other buildings have caused additional deaths/injuries.

अद्यतन 17: 43 यूटीसी: There are reports from the local mayor that 5 लोग मारे गए हैं.

अद्यतन 17: 40 यूटीसी: सूत्रों के मुताबिक, यह संभव है कि और अधिक मौतें हैं क्योंकि ऐसी दो इमारतें हैं जिनकी संरचनाओं को बड़ी क्षति हुई है। आपातकालीन समन्वय केंद्र ने लोरका की सिफारिशों के निवासियों को लिफ्टों का उपयोग न करने के लिए मीडिया में बुलेटिन में बुलाया है। वहां हजारों लोगों के on the street not knowing what to do or where to go, and that the shaking has surprised everyone in the middle of their daily routine.

अद्यतन 17: 37 यूटीसी: As confirmed by sources close to Europa Press, many buildings have been affected, such as the Belfry of the Church of San Diego, the roof of the asylum, the Torre del Castillo de Lorca Ram and a wall could have stopped someone trapped.

अद्यतन 17: 35 यूटीसी: Among the material damage for the moment, there have been highlights the collapse of the roof at the nursing home Caser Lorca, who have been evacuated. (these data were already reported after the first shaking)

अद्यतन 17: 31 यूटीसी: At least one person has died after the earthquakes in Lorca this afternoon. Apparently, according to sources consulted by this writing, a ledge could have fallen on the victim when she was walking down the
street. And after the first earthquake, there has been a new earthquake or shook her area of Lorca , this time with greater intensity of 5.2 degrees on the Richter scale, according to provisional data from the National Geological Institute , which returns to feel part of the Region of Murcia.

They have evacuated the area near the City Hall of this town and have more people affected.

अद्यतन 17: 26 यूटीसी: CATDAT historic earthquakes in the same greater area.
1518 (37.2, -1.5) - एक बड़ा भूकंप था जिसने इस अनुमानित क्षेत्र को इस अनुमानित महाकाव्य पर प्रभावित किया, मोंटंडन द्वारा रिपोर्ट किए गए कई लोगों की हत्या। (तीव्रता IX)
16 अप्रैल 1907 (37.8, -1.5) - एक तीव्रता 7, M4.7 भूकंप ने इस क्षेत्र को प्रभावित किया।
2 फ़रवरी 1999 - एमएक्सएनएनएक्स, तीव्रता VII (5.2, -38.06) - मुला क्षेत्र में बीस लोग घायल हो गए। मुला और पुएब्ला डी मुला में इमारतें क्षतिग्रस्त (VII)। Archena-Bullas क्षेत्र में महसूस किया (छठी); (वी) अलहामा डी मर्सिया-मोलिना डी सेगुरा-मर्सिया क्षेत्र और अबारन, अल्बटाना, सेगिन, सीज़ा, एल्चे और हॉर्नोस में;
29 जनवरी 2005 - एमएक्सएनएनएक्स, तीव्रता VII (4.8, -37.8) - कम से कम 1.75 घर ला पाका और ज़र्सीला डी रामोस में क्षतिग्रस्त (VI)। एविलस, कोय, ला फुसेन्टा, ला होया और लॉस रियोस में महसूस किया (वी);

अद्यतन 17: 24 यूटीसी: People in Lorca and in the surrounding villages are on the streets and are not willing to go inside again as they fear additional aftershocks.

अद्यतन 17: 22 यूटीसी: Itu second earthquake (mainshock) shook the area approx. 2 hours after the first one. Also the second shock was centered near Lorca, a city with at least 80,000 people.

अद्यतन 17: 12 यूटीसी: We are trying to get some more news close to the epicenter, but we can predict that this last shock will probably be very damaging. Too soon to predict any injuries.

अद्यतन 17: 08 यूटीसी: This last earthquake was measured by GFZ at a magnitude of 5.0 also at a depth of 5 km. These values are better than USGS, but have still a damaging potential.

अद्यतन 17: 06 यूटीसी: A much STRONGER 5.3 magnitude also shallow earthquake just happened in the same area

अद्यतन 17: 03 यूटीसी: The damage will probably be limited but we are passing it to our readers as we gather it from local sources.

अद्यतन 16: 59 यूटीसी: Lorca has called the state of emergency in the city following some Spanish sources.

अद्यतन 16: 56 यूटीसी: Private houses and city buildings have been damaged during the earthquake.

अद्यतन 16: 54 यूटीसी: An elderly home has been evacuated in Lorca after the earthquake

अद्यतन 16: 50 यूटीसी: Felt experiences are arriving at EMSC (European Seismological service).
Below the ones we found the best describing the sitiuation :

@ Aguilas : 33 km from the epicenter - Tengo una terraza grande y en ella se aprecian algunas pequeñas grietas (small cracks on the terraces) . Muchas de ellas ya estaban, pero creo que hay alguna nueva aunque no podría afirmarlo con rotundidad.
Por la zona de España en la que vivo, se que es zona de cierto riesgo sísmico (we live in a seismic risky area) । La verdad es que he notado varios, कोई sabría cuantos, movimientos sísmicos en mi vida, pero creo que es el mas "fuerte", por así decirlo, que he experado en cuarenta anos que vivo en Águilas। (Aguilas में 40 रहने वाले, इस व्यक्ति ने छोटे कंपनों को देखा है लेकिन वह कहता है कि आज का भूकंप वह सबसे मजबूत था जिसे उसने कभी महसूस किया था)

@ मर्सिया: महाकाव्य से 57 किमी - खिड़कियों और दरवाजों पर एक छोटी कंपन। नरम फर्नीचर आंदोलन।

अद्यतन 16: 43 यूटीसी: GFZ, the German seismological service reports a 4.7 की 5 किमी की गहराई पर परिमाण, which is a little more dangerous for small damage than the values from EMSC and USGS

अद्यतन 16: 41 यूटीसी: On March 29, 1954 a massive 7.9 earthquake caused a lot of damage at Malaga. This earthquake was felt in Madrid, Granada, Cadiz and even in Tangier. The earthquake was NOT devastating because it occurred at a depth of 640 km (normally harmless).

अद्यतन 16: 35 यूटीसी: Based on historic earthquake maps, the area has regular earthquakes from in between 3.5 and 4.5

अद्यतन 16: 31 यूटीसी: Epicenter is below सैन जूलियन लगभग. 10 किमी से Lorca. Lorca has a population of 90,924.

A उदार लेकिन बहुत उथले भूकंप occurred in the late afternoon near the city of Lorca and 55 km from Murcia in Spain. This earthquake will probably not lead to damage or injuries, but local people will certainly have been frightened by the shaking.

सबसे महत्वपूर्ण भूकंप डेटा:
परिमाण: 4.5 foreshock एक के बाद 5.2 mainshock
UTC समय: बुधवार, मई, 11 2011 पर 15: 05: 12 यूटीसी
Local time at epicenter : Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 05:05:12 PM at epicenter
गहराई (Hypocenter): 10 कि
भू - स्थान (ओं):
55 कि (34 मील) के SW मर्सिया, स्पेन
120 कि (74 मील) पूर्वोत्तर की अल्मरिया, स्पेन

महत्वपूर्ण नक्शे के लिए लिंक
गूगल उपग्रह मानचित्र क्षेत्र इलाके की तरह दिखाने की जगह ले ली भूकंप
भूकंप क्षेत्र के दृश्य 3 आयामी (USGS उपरिकेंद्र स्थान)
USGS ऐतिहासिक भूकंप मैप
USGS भूकंपी जोखिम नक्शा

QuakeSOS + तथा QuakeSOS मुक्त रहे iPhone अनुप्रयोगों आर्मंड Vervaeck, भूकंप की रिपोर्ट के संस्थापक द्वारा विकसित की है. आवेदन मित्रों और परिवार के सदस्यों (अपनी सटीक जीपीएस स्थान के साथ) को तत्काल समूह संचार सरल और भूकंप रिपोर्ट खबर के साथ उपयोगकर्ताओं को खिला. 0.99 अमेरिकी डॉलर + QuakeSOS संस्करण मुसीबत का इशारा भूकंप की गतिविधियों का समर्थन करेंगे.


चहचहाना पर भूकंप Report.com सुर्खियों में
@ OnlyQuakeNews : चल रही घटनाओं पर हमारे भूकंप report.com लेख के सभी सुर्खियों में + नियमित रूप से अद्यतन प्राप्त करें
@ QuakeSOS : भूकंप- report.com समाचार + अमेरिका और प्रशांत महासागर क्षेत्र (4.0 और ऊपर) में भूकंप पर जोर देने के साथ-साथ एमएसजीएस भूकंप या एम 4 की अधिक भूकंप की सूचनाएं तथा शेष दुनिया के कई हिस्सों (5 और ऊपर) । यह खाता हमारे क्वैकसओएस और क्वैकएसओएस + आईफोन एप्लिकेशन के लिए बनाया गया था
@ ShakingEarth : भूकंप report.com +, खबर यूरोपीय और एशियाई / मध्य पूर्व क्षेत्र (4.0 और ऊपर) में भूकंप के लिए जोर दिया और दुनिया के बाकी का एक बहुत साथ एम 4 या उच्चतर की EMSC भूकंप का स्वत: भूकंप सूचनाएं (5 और) . इस खाते को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए बनाया गया था हमारे Facebook खाते
@ QuakeMaps : भूकंप report.com सभी भूकंप एम 3.0 मानचित्रण सूचनाएं और सभी EMSC और USGS के माध्यम से दुनिया भर से अधिक के साथ खबर. इस खाते में हमारे http://www.quake-maps.com वेबसाइट के लिए बनाया गया था

मुझे यह महसूस हुआ - Ik heb het gevoeld - Το έκανα αισθάνεται - Yo lo siento - 我 的确 感到 了 - 私 は そ れ を 感 じ て い ま し た - Ich habe es gefühlt - Bunu hissediyorum yaptı - لم أشعر أنه


  1. Fatman कहते हैं:

    क्या किसी को पता है कि वेलेज़ रूबियो क्षेत्र में झटके महसूस किए गए थे, और यदि कोई नुकसान हुआ? मुझे आशा है कि मेरा घर अभी भी एक टुकड़े में है .... इस तरह के भयानक समाचार - स्पेन के इस खूबसूरत हिस्से में क्या एक भयानक बात है।

  2. Eveline Sullivan कहते हैं:

    What a terrible thing to happen to the spainish people in such a beautfiul part of Spain, I hope there are no more deaths and deepest smypathy to all the families who have lost a dear one or has injured members of their families.
    We have a home in las ramblas, by the golf club in Altermera was there any damage done there?

    Thanks ;you

    • आर्मंड Vervaeck कहते हैं:

      We do not think so Eveline. Almost all the damage was in Lorca itself. In a wider area (max. 40 km radius), there might also have been minimal cracks

  3. Amanda Akrigg कहते हैं:

    I am so sorry for people who have lost loved ones in this bad earthquake. Me and my family are due to fly out to Reus Airport next friday for our holiday as you can imagine a little nervous now.
    I hope that people of Lorca can somehow cope with this awful act of god. My heart goes out to you all.