भूकंप से संबंधित खबर मई 22, 2011

भूकंप गहराई लेख में हाल की घटनाओं से संबंधित खबर इन लेख (हाल) में अद्यतन के रूप में लिखा जाएगा. ये लेख होमपेज पर शीर्ष 10 के कुछ अंशः में पाया जा सकता है. पहले भूकंप के लिए अद्यतन इन पन्नों पर पाया जा सकता है. इस पृष्ठ को नियमित रूप से अद्यतन किया जाएगा.
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Three Gorges Dam : Some geologists have warned that damming up too much water in the reservoir carries a heightened risk of landslides, earthquakes and prolonged damage to the river's ecology. $ $ $

भूकंप का खतरा
Millions of people in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are at risk from deadly tremors which can strike out of the blue in unmapped earthquake zones, scientists have warned. $ $ $

सुनामी बचाव उपकरण
The March 11 earthquake unleashed a tsunami more ferocious than anything experts predicted. So as Japan cleans up the colossal mess left behind, one of the many lingering questions in the public’s mind is, What do we do the next time?
Ise Industry, a company says it has built a life-saving device inspired by Noah’s Ark, the biblical boat that withstood the flood caused by 40 days of rain. Ise Industry, a construction company based in Toyoda City, Aichi Prefecture, created the bright orange pod-like design a week after the tsunami stormed the country’s northeast shore. $ $ $

The recent 6.8 quake that shook Myanmar's northeastern Shan State, killing 74 and affecting 18,000, serves as a stark warning for this largely unprepared, earthquake-prone country, say experts. Historically, strong earthquakes have resulted in rural temple damage but relatively few casualties. However, research shows that increased urbanization, without attention to disaster preparedness, could lead to higher death rates in the event of a major quake. $ $ $

New Zealand Christchurch (crime)
Earthquake offenders were "vultures feeding on the corpses of the dead" said Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave today jailing a youth for 23 months. "This is about as low as you can get in the city at the moment," he told 18-year-old Ata Taylor Mihaka. "Burglaries of this sort simply will not be tolerated." Mihaka admitted breaching previous prison release conditions, failing to do a community work sentence, theft, burglary, attempted burglary, and being found unlawfully in a yard. $ $ $

कान (फिल्म उत्सव)
Several noted film directors around the world, including Spain's Victor Erice and China's Jia Zhangke, will produce short video messages for those affected by the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The filmmakers will each create a 3-minutes-11-seconds video under the theme of ''A Sense of Home'' at the initiative of Japanese director Naomi Kawase. $ $ $

जापान (पुनर्निर्माण)
With dozens of villages and towns devastated by Japan's tsunami, there is now growing debate about whether to rebuild the flattened communities or move them to higher ground. One town, regarded as a model community in preparing for such killer waves, now lies in ruins. $ $ $

Japan (insurance)
Earnings at Japan's top three nonlife insurance companies tumbled in the year to March, taking a beating from big payouts related to claims from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Japan's largest nonlife insurer by market capitalization, Tokio Marine Holdings Inc., posted a 44% drop in net profit for the fiscal year ended March because of an increase in insurance payouts after the quakes in New Zealand and Japan. The insurance claims for the quake in Japan came to ¥91.5 billion ($1.12 billion). $ $ $

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