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भूकंप गहराई लेख में हाल की घटनाओं से संबंधित खबर इन लेख (हाल) में अद्यतन के रूप में लिखा जाएगा. ये लेख होमपेज पर शीर्ष 10 के कुछ अंशः में पाया जा सकता है. पहले भूकंप के लिए अद्यतन इन पन्नों पर पाया जा सकता है. इस पृष्ठ को नियमित रूप से अद्यतन किया जाएगा.
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New Zealand (New fault detected)
A previously undiscovered fault capable of generating a magnitude-7 earthquake has been found by scientists investigating bedrock off Christchurch. Analysis of the Canterbury earthquakes is being carried out by teams of scientists from agencies including GNS Science, NIWA and the University of Canterbury. $ $ $ $ $ $

Japan (life insurance payouts)
Major life insurers are considering bringing forward the start of insurance payments to the next of kin of policyholders still listed as missing in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, possibly to sometime in June, industry sources said Thursday. $ $ $

Japan (emergency rescue teams)
Kumamoto Prefecture Gov. Ikuo Kabashima met with his Shizuoka Prefecture counterpart Heita Kawakatsu at the Kumamoto prefectural offices, where the two men agreed to sign an official agreement pledging to send rescue teams to each other’s prefectures in the event of a large natural disaster. $ $ $

Japan (omitted foreshock)
Authorities could have issued a warning over the March 11 earthquake had they treated an earlier quake as a foreshock and closely analyzed the aftershocks that followed, according to a Tohoku University associate professor. The foreshock, which occurred at 11:45 a.m. on March 9 near the focus of the March 11 quake, some 50 hours before it struck, registered a magnitude of 7.3, rocking Miyagi Prefecture and sending a tsunami of up to 60 cm to Iwate Prefecture. $ $ $ $ $ $
भूकंप Report.com टिप्पणी: Easy to say afterwards. As being on the first row when the 7.3 quake occurred, a normal sequence of powerful aftershocks followed this shock. There was no sign (unless we do not have all data) about an imminent massive second quake. The professor's analysis is a good scientific paper, but has surely not enough strength to call another alert based on the first quake aftershocks, as he stated.

Vanuatu (Mount Yasur Volcano)
Explosions and emissions have forced Vanuatu officials to close public access to Mount Yasur volcano on Tanna Island. Vanuatu's meteorological and geohazards department says there have been a series of strong explosions and emissions from all three of Yasur's active vents. $ $ $
To give our readers an impression of this volcano, which is a real tourist hit, you can have a look at the following video recorded on November 8 2009

Mexico (Popocatepetl volcano)
The Popocatepetl volcano that towers over Mexico City is rumbling again. The 17,886-foot (5,450-meter) mountain shot a blast of ash about 2 miles (3 kilometers) above its crater at dawn Friday. Mexico's national disaster prevention agency says the cloud drifted first to the west and then turned back east toward the city of Puebla. $ $ $

Japan (pet rescue)
An Italian woman fearlessly entered tsunami and radiation-hit areas to rescue dogs, cats. Gallaon-Aoki traveled from evacuation center to center, leaving food and her contacts, letting authorities and people in need of help for their animals know that she could provide it. She was also able to come to the aid of animals that had been rescued but had no one to care for them. $ $ $ $ $ $

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