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The video below explains what shaking intensity is and how it relates to Magnitude, depth and the location where it happens

There are different shaking intensity scales in the world. They have mostly an historic character like left and right driving is also different worldwide.
Here are the most important ones. If ER mentions shaking the according scale will always be mentioned.

MMI Modified Mercalli Intensity scale

The MMI scale is generally used in the western world and in China

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JMA Shindo Seismic Intensity Scale

Used in the Japan by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the local seismological agency.
The different intensities are divided into 7 categories whereas the MMI scale divides into 10 categories
Earthquake-report.com considers JMA 5+ intensity as a potentially dangerous shaking.

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EMS European Macroseismic Scale



परिभाषा वर्णन


Not felt Not felt, even under the most favourable circumstances.


Scarcely felt Vibration is felt only by individual people at rest in houses, especially on upper floors of buildings.


कमज़ोर The vibration is weak and is felt indoors by a few people. People at rest feel a swaying or light trembling.


Largely observed The earthquake is felt indoors by many people, outdoors by very few. A few people are awakened. The level of vibration is not frightening. Windows, doors and dishes rattle. Hanging objects swing.


बलवान The earthquake is felt indoors by most, outdoors by few. Many sleeping people awake. A few run outdoors. Buildings tremble throughout. Hanging objects swing considerably. China and glasses clatter together. The vibration is strong. Top heavy objects topple over. Doors and windows swing open or shut.


Slightly damaging Felt by most indoors and by many outdoors. Many people in buildings are frightened and run outdoors. Small objects fall. Slight damage to many ordinary buildings e.g.; fine cracks in plaster and small pieces of plaster fall.


हानिकारक Most people are frightened and run outdoors. Furniture is shifted and objects fall from shelves in large numbers. Many ordinary buildings suffer moderate damage: small cracks in walls; partial collapse of chimneys.


Heavily damaging Furniture may be overturned. Many ordinary buildings suffer damage: chimneys fall; large cracks appear in walls and a few buildings may partially collapse.


हानिकारक Monuments and columns fall or are twisted. Many ordinary buildings partially collapse and a few collapse completely.


Very destructive Many ordinary buildings collapse.


भयानक Most ordinary buildings collapse.


Completely devastating Practically all structures above and below ground are heavily damaged or destroyed.


एमएसके Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale (MSK-64)

Mainly used in Russia and former USSR countries

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